Stinky Toys - Stinky Toys (1977)

Stinky Toys - Stinky Toys (1977)

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01. Plastic faces
02. You close your eyes
03. City life
04. Jack the ripper
05. Driver Blues
06. Boozy Creed
07. More Than Me
08. Lonely lovers
09. Sun sick
10. Pepe Gestapo

Step aside Malcolm McLaren, here are the Stinky Toys! Unskilled Parisian 77 w/ Pride from Denis Quillard (also known as Jacno) and Elli Medeiros, the same duo who later brought you the electro-pop fluff that is, indeed, Elli et Jacno. Sloppy, but neat!


lexicon said...

sooooo good.

sandylove said...

nice I love th "stink"!!

Maximo said...

Merci pour ce grand disque !!!

Anonymous said...

The password is no longer working, can you confirm???

Rufus T. Firefly said...

yeah, the password isn't working for some reason. very odd!

Anonymous said...

password no worky :(