Jr. and His Soulettes - Psychodelic Sounds (1971)

Jr. and His Soulettes - Psychodelic Sounds (1971)

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01. Thing, Do the Creep
02. Momma Love Tequilla
03. Pimp
04. Waw-Wah Rock
05. Love From Above
06. Flip Will
07. Do Your Funky Thing
08. Slow
09. Sweet Little One
10. Dewetha
11. Dat-Walk
12. Rock N Roll Santa
13. Rock Blues
14. Pop Junior Pop

Led by Harold Moore, Jr. (age 10) & helped-out by his sisters, Vinita Marie (9), on bass and organ, Denise Marshall (7), on drums, and Jacqueln Carol (6), on waw-waw organ- Jr. and his Soulettes be one epic Kiddie Funk jam extravaganza. Legend says that approximately 300 copies of the 'original' 1970 issue of Psychodelic Sounds were pressed up but most were damaged (beyond saving) from being shrink wrapped on a meat packing machine.



Young Canadians - No Escape (1996)

Young Canadians - No Escape (1996)

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01. Son Of Spam
02. Can't Be Denied
03. I Hate Music
04. Automan
05. Don't Tell Me
06. Where Are You
07. Question Of Temperature
08. Wait For Your Approval
09. Fuck Your Society
10. Hawaii
11. Well, Well, Well
12. Hullabaloo Girls
13. No Escape
14. Beg, Borrow Or Steal
15. Last Tango (Femme Fatale)
16. Data Redux
17. Just A Loser
18. This Is Your Life
19. Don't Bother Me
20. Picture Of Health
21. Poison Of The Thought

Young Canadians (originally The K-Tels) were a Vancouver Punk-Rock band active for just under two years. Influenced not only by the other Punk bands in town at that time such as D.O.A. and Pointed Sticks, but also by The Dolls, The Stooges, and 60s Garage Rock. Although the band only recorded two EPs and a 7" single before breaking up, their single "Hawaii" is one of the classic Canadian punk anthems, appearing on H2D and other timeless compilations. No Escape pretty much covers it all.



Metal Boys - Tokio Airport (1980)

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01. New Malden
02. Parlez Moi d'Argent
03. Carbone 14
04. The Pleasure
05. Cafe Sale
06. Love in Dub
07. Colt 45
08. Commando
09. Hurry Back
10. Tokio Airport
11. Un Petit Peu D'Amour
12. Hidden Track

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